Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Entrustment Ceremony

About two weeks ago the case worker told me that J was interested in having an entrustment ceremony.  I was surprised that this is something she would want to do, but I don't know why.  I am more than excited because I love the special meaning of this.

I asked the CW last week if they had talked about it any more to find out what J was interested in.  She said that she told her she didn't want it at a church but just at the agency office (they usually do them in the chapel they have there).  CW said that they usually do them after signing the papers.  They discussed who they would have there and J thought it would just be her there for her support.  The CW told her they needed to decide who she would like us to have since we have a big family and J told her that we could have our parents. 

After talking to Matt about this, we have decided that we would just like to have it be us ( and B).  We feel like this will be a really emotional time and would just like to concentrate on how special it is.

The CW said that she will read something and then J can say something if she wants (she doesn't think she will) and that we can say something if we want.  I really would like to but know I will be a bawlin' mess.  I would like to try to get something down on paper though. 

I would really like something special for us to make at the ceremony as well however.  I have been searching for a few days and can't come up with much.  Once thing I saw a few years ago was the two families did their handprints around the baby's on a canvas and used this in the baby's room.  Is there any other similar ideas out there for some sort of "keepsake" to create at this special moment?

I also plan to find a necklace to give J at this with two birthstones on it.  One for baby and one for her son A.

Any suggestions or advice?


  1. You are bringing me to tears with all these posts, Amber! What an amazing journey you've been through and continue to venture into. WOW! Remember when we did the colored sand in our vows renewal ceremony? I don't know, but that could also be a neat thing to do with each of you pouring a different color into a container. Just a thought. I love the handprint canvas!!

  2. On the day we met D we gave her an empty album with a note inside promising that it would be filled. I gave D a picture with baby girls foot prints made to look like a butterfly (the feet were the wings). We also were given the book On the Day You Were Born and filled it out with D since we were not there on the day she was born.

  3. I did think of the sand Laura, good idea! I found a few handprint ideas on pinterest tonight too that I liked if I go with that.

    I saw the butterfly idea on there too!

    Thanks gals!

  4. I wouldn't do anything too elaborate. It's going to be SO. VERY. EMOTIONAL. More than you can even imagine. Go easy on yourselves and keep it simple.

    I'd do the sand thing... it's easy and special and you can do two bottles, one for J and one for the baby. You could do three colors, one for you guys, one for her and one for the father, or one for you guys, one for her and the father, and one for the baby.

    As for the words for the ceremony- you might want to write your words NOW and give them to the CW to read for you. You're all going to be a blubbery hot mess of tears and reading something isn't going to be easy.

    I also think having just your family and hers is the best. You don't want too many people there, and it really is a special, intimate moment.

    We gave Gus's birth mom a necklace of three connected hearts (I found it on Etsy). It represents Gus as the middle heart and the hearts on each side represent his birth family and us. His birth mom loves it and wears it. <3

    I think an entrustment ceremony is so amazing.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I am really thankful that she wants to do this ceremony. When I heard about them at training I thought it sounded so special.

      All she has to come is her. Matt and I have decided it will just be B and him and I.