Monday, May 28, 2012

Contractions call

I got a call from J on Monday morning that she was having contractions that were stronger.  She said they were hurting more than the others but were still coming and going.  She wanted to know what she should do.  I know they tell us every visit that when the contractions are so strong that she can't breathe or talk through them and don't go away then it is time to go in. As I was telling her this, we got disconnected. 

I tried to call the caseworker to get her opinion and she agreed with me.  J just didn't sound like she was feeling well so we were concerned since we couldn't get a hold of her. We both tried texting and calling her but was not getting a response. 

The case worker didn't want to stop in at her house unexpected but said we would give it a little more time.  (She is in the same town as her)

As the case worker was just leaving to finally go drive by the house and see if someone was with her at least, she called back.

J said she was sorry that she had gone to her friends and didn't take her charger with her and that her phone was on vibrate. 

Three hours of worry!!!

She was feeling better and the case worker and I were able to laugh about it later.  :)

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  1. Goodness!!! Three hours of crazy thoughts for you I'm sure!!! When is this baby going to get here??? I'm so anxious and excited for you!!!