Monday, May 21, 2012

2nd False Alarm

Just a couple of days after our first false alarm (where the nurses said baby would probably arrive by the weekend) I got a call from J in the am.  It was Saturday and I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with my day. B had a party to attend later in the afternoon but I didn't have anything major going that day.  She called to tell me that she thinks she is going to go to the hospital in a little while.  The contractions are stronger and still coming quickly.  She said she would call me when she is leaving.  I continued getting ready, putting my make up on etc... deciding what shirt I should wear to go have a baby.......that type of stuff.  I loaded my bags in the car again (side note, one of them is the bag of goodies for her for the hospital that had a bag of Dove chocolates....took about 3 days before I brought the bag in from the car so darn it! I'll have to eat those melted Dove's myself now!!)  Just as I was pretty much finished, she called to say that if I wanted to leave I could go and they would meet me there.  They are probably only about 10 minutes or less from the hospital.  I am about 30 minutes. 

I told Matt I would call him with news(he had worked the night before and was trying to get some sleep) and B was leaving shortly with a grandma to get dropped off at a birthday party.  I was so much calmer this time!  I tried to make some calls as soon as I got on the interstate (my mom, Matt's mom, etc.) to let our loved ones know I was going up again when I saw a state trooper in my rear view mirror.  I hung up the phone and was a little crabby that I was not going to be able to make the handful of other calls and now was required to drive the speed limit!  The trooper passed me after a few minutes and I carried on with my business.

I was able to find the hospital and the parking so much easier this time in the daylight!  J had said she would meet me at ER so I headed that way.  I actually got there a few minutes before them and waited outside.  Her husband dropped her off out front and I helped her in to the desk.  She looked like she was in pain and I was thinking this was really going to be it!  The wheelchair pushing guy- who was way too cute for this type of job arrived and we were on our way to the L & D floor.

Once we got to the room, J changed and the nurse took her vitals.  She told us the dr. would be in shortly.  As I watched on the monitor, I could tell that her contractions were not as big as the few days previous.  I started to think that this might not be the day.  The doctor arrived and after doing a check, told us that she was still dilated to a 2 and therefore had no change since Wed.  J had said that she thought her water had been leaking so they did test for that which came back negative.  They didn't even have us walk or anything, just told her to rest and sent her home with a new prescription for some pain meds.

As we left, I brought it up to her again if she would feel up to meeting my sister who was in town for lunch.  I told her that I totally understood if she didn't feel like it but she was acting like she felt better.  She said that she felt like it and seemed happy to be going.

My sister happened to be out shopping with my mom and my aunt (my step dad's sister... I had not met her before)  so we met all three of them at a pizza place in the downtown area that J had never been to.  She was quiet at first but by the time lunch was over she was laughing and talking more.  She seemed to have enjoyed herself.  I laugh as I think of  how she ordered pizza with jalapeno's and an order of hot wings!!

My sister took a great picture of the two of us that I might post in the future.  I love it.  She doesn't smile much in the pics we have taken but this one shows her little baby belly and she has a hint of a smile.

Later that night, several of our family went to a local winery to spend some time getting to know my step dad's sister and her husband who were visiting from CA.  We had a great time visiting and my aunt had brought a very special gift with her for me.  About two weeks before she heard we were having a girl, she found her Christening gown from when she was a little girl packed away.  She did not ever have any children, and her sister did not have any girls either.  My step dad has a daughter but marriage does not appear to be in her near future.  Aunt had had this delicate little dress professionally cleaned and boxed for me.  It has the little ruffle bloomers and bonnet with it.  It is just so beautiful and such a treasure that she would pass it down to me after 47 years.  I was honored that she would think of doing that.  I will post a picture of that soon.  I can't wait to hang it up in little girls room.


  1. So in the 8 years w DH I once used the officers wife card... I think you could have gotten away w making your calls had you informed him you were on you way to help deliver your baby! I cant wait to hear she is here!!

  2. I have been on vacation and I'm excited to be catching up on everything!!! :-)