Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dr. Visit

May 10 is Mother's Day in Mexico.  J told me this the night before as we were driving after leaving the hospital.  I had said shortly after we were selected and learned of the due date that it would be cool if the baby came on Mother's Day to represent the two moms.  When J told me about Mexican Mother's Day, I thougth that would be even cooler.  I was really hoping for a baby now!  I brought some flowers and a card with me when I picked J up the next day (May 10) I gave her a big hug and told her Happy Mother's Day!

After our late night, I picked up J at her house to take her to her regular scheduled Dr. apt.  This was going to be her second time to see the dr. (usually the nurse pract.)  We told him about the night before at the hospital.  He checked her and said she was still dilated to a 2 and 40 % effaced.  He recommended that she rest and drink lots of water.  She told him that she needed to work and could not afford to be off of work.  He gave us the speech about how they don't induce unless there is a medical reason and that J did not have any issues at this point to warrant an induction.  She is worried about working with being in so much pain and having to stand for her whole shift.  The dr. said it could be that afternoon, that night, or over the weekend.  We told her that she could take Tylenol for her pain. 

When we left, J was not happy about the Dr. telling her to take tylenol.  She said that that is why she wanted a woman dr. because they are more sympathetic.  She told me that her mom was worried about her.  This was the same week she delivered her son 37 and you can tell she is really frustrated they will not induce her.

I understand that the dr. just can't do that but I struggle with it emotionally because I see the pain she is in.  I think she also wants an end to this due to the pressure she is getting from her family to place the baby with them instead.  After we left the dr, I took her through the drive through for lunch for her and her son A who was with us.  She told me that she is not speaking to her sister and that her sister had told her if she does the adoption she can never get her baby back but if she gives the baby back she can have the baby back later if she changes her mind.  All of her family is several states away so at least they are not here in her face giving her all of this pressure.

As I dropped her off at home,I told her that I hoped to see her soon over the weekend for a baby.  I really want to see her out of pain.

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