Monday, May 28, 2012

Doctor's Appointment

On May 17th we met back up at the dr. again.  I never thought we would still be making it to the dr. visits after what we had a few weeks ago and the nurses thinking we wouldn't make it through the first weekend of the false alarm.

This time we saw a nurse practitioner we had not seen before.  She asked a few simple questions that the others had not before but none seemed significant.  It seemed she was just reading through her chart on the computer and asking random questions.  Towards the end, her comment about floored me. 

As she was reading, she asked J, "are you still planning to give the baby up?" 

J didn't miss a beat and I didn't think she was offended and said, "yes, and this is the adoptive mom"

The nurse said "oh, great" and smiled at me. 

The PC stuff is really getting to me.  Is it over the top or appropriate? 

I correct my mom every time on this one and have friends as well who don't seem to "get it". 

I know some of my readers have had struggles on it and I would love to hear some more opinions on this.

We were told to come back in a week- J had had no change and was still dilated at a 2.

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  1. CRINGE!!!! It's funny how people throw things out of their mouths without thinking about how someone might take their words.

    Everytime someone makes a comment about someone "giving up" their baby, I restate it as, "placing their child for adoption." It doesn't matter who it is that says it, I correct them.

    It's something that you'll be more aware of because you're about to be entering the world of adoption. There are a lot of things that never would have bothered me before, but make me cringe now.

    Just try to inform the ignorant-- that's all you can do, and their comments are really just that- ignorant.