Monday, May 28, 2012

Dr. Visit, names, and Magic Words

We were called back to the exam room after only a few minutes of waiting.  As I sat in the waiting room for those few short minutes, I wondered to myself if this is the last time I will be in this waiting room.  Will this be our last visit? What if they tell us she has had dilated and we need to get to the hospital because the baby is coming (wishful thinking!!) 

The doctor came in and did his usual quick measure and heartbeat check and things looked good.  He told us that he wants us to come back next week and if we make it to that appointment he will give her a date for induction.  She was 39 weeks yesterday. 

J was very excited to hear those words.  She feels good about getting the date scheduled.  It makes it easier for her to make plans for her son and her husband, her friend P, and for us.  She says that then everyone will not have to be running. 

I am excited for this as well because one of my fears has been I will not make it to the delivery in enough time now that I have this opportunity.  I was asleep when my son was born and am so honored to have this chance. 

I agree that it will be easier but for selfish reasons, it does take some of the "fun" out of pregnancy.  The "call" of when it is time to go, the rush, the excitement etc.  I was hoping for some of that experience as well.

I have also been stressing  about the name they we have decided on.  I loved it at first and was now having second thoughts.  I have shared my thoughts with a few close friends but decided to talk to J about another choice that Matt and I liked.

I chickened out and didn't bring it up.  When we did our profile we agreed to the expecting mom choosing the name.  When we met J, she told us she had a few names but wasn't set on them.  We each shared our names together and later found out from the caseworker she wanted to go with the name we chose.

We also discussed when her and C came for dinner the middle name.  We have decided to use J's middle name for the baby's middle name.

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  1. I'd be as upfront as possible BEFORE the baby comes about the name. You don't want to have regrets. I'd tell her what you're thinking and the new name, and see what she thinks. She obviously has allowed you to come to appointments and become apart of her life, I'm sure she'll be open to discussing a name.

    As for missing the labor/delivery and feeling like you'd be missing the fun. I hear ya. I've never been in a delivery room, never seen anyone give birth and I wish, so so so wish, that I could have been in the room to see my sweet baby boy take his first breath. It was not meant to be though.

    If you're not there when J has the baby, don't worry about it. You'll have plenty of excitement and a rush of excitement when the call comes, and you'll get so wrapped up in it, you won't have time to think. :-)

    As I tell all my pregnant/waiting to adopt friends, get as much sleep now as you can because a newborn is a shock to the body. You forget what it's like to be up all night with a baby. Gus is two and I've already forgotten!!!