Sunday, December 2, 2012

Have I got news for you!

Hi everyone! I've been hiding a secret.  I'm still hiding it actually, but couldn't wait to get here to my little blog world to share it with all of you.  We have told a few of our family and close friends but that is about it for now.

We received a call that we were selected by an expecting mom the evening before Thanksgiving.  Matt coaches the youth wrestling program in our area and B and I were headed to a friends house to pick up her children for a play date that evening so she could prepare for Thanksgiving the following day.  Our caseworker called and asked if we were still working on updating our profile.  I said yes with a sign (meaning that yes, I marked all the pages that need updated....that is working on it right???) I really thought she was going to ask if we could have it done in the next few days or something. 

"Well you can stop, because your profile has been selected".   love.

B and I drove to where Matt was and had him come out to the car to listen in on the details that the CW shared with us.  It was so nice to hear them together vs. the first time of where I had to drive all the way home and tell them to Matt. 

The situation is good.  Really good.  Almost too good to be true.  I struggle thinking I am worthy of this.  One of the first things I thought of was my two adoption friends who are still waiting.  I know this is going to hurt them.  I know they will be happy but it's hard to see what seems like "everyone" else get their calls.

I'm not promising this time it is going to work out.  I promised that last time.  But, this one is good.  My heart is so happy.  I see two families becoming one.

Emom is 15.  Edad is 16. They are not together anymore.  She has the full support of her parents. We met them ( her and her parents) last Wednesday.  We had so many connections.  We talked with them for 2 1/2 hours and emom is such a beautiful girl.  We are already so proud of who she is and can easily see why her parents love her so much.

We meet edad this Tuesday.  He is pretty quiet the CW said.  He might be on his own.  He says he is on board with signing. 

On Friday, we are picking up Emom, A and bringing her to our home. 

I'm nervous, excited, and exhausted.  So exhausted that I have not been feeling well since Thursday from the stress I'm sure.  My kitchen cupboard is full of post it notes and things to get done.  The baby is coming a week from tomorrow! 

She is being induced on the tenth, plans for us to come to the hospital to visit each day and for us to take the baby home from the hospital.

My biggest stresses now are: finding a place to stay in NE while we wait for ICPC paperwork to be completed (crossing our fingers we are home for Christmas) and not having any income while I'm off of work.   This was partially covered last time when I was off work in June.  I have really been better about those things though the last week.  I know that we will find a way to make things work.

I'll keep you posted after we meet edad on Tues.  I am really excited for this because if he ends up not continuing contact, we will have some part of the story to share about when we met him.


  1. !!!!!! :) !!!!!!

    That's too bad edad won't have support at the meeting. Edads and bdads never seem to get the support they need. Maybe that's why so many of them go AWOL.?

    That's so perfect that she will get a chance to see the nursery.


    (You can ignore my questions in my email I got all my answers here!!!! :) )

  2. After being so disappointed in 2012 for you, I am now so excited for 2012 for you!! :) Cannot wait for the 10th......:)

  3. Amber this is the best post ever!!!! I am so happy for you!!! I pray that this time is "it" and your family will be complete!! Any idea if it's a boy or a girl? I can't wait to read more so keep the posts coming and share all that you can!!!

    After I read your post, I had an instant thought, "God, I wish I had her email... I so want to email her!!!" I too have something to share, but can't on my blog (yet)... be watching mine for some news too!!

  4. Wow! Meeting edad tomorrow. That's exciting. Capture every memory you can just in case but I do hope he continues contact.
    Praying for you as you go through these next few weeks especially.

  5. Oh my goodness I hope and pray everything works out well for you this time! Happy for you!