Sunday, December 9, 2012


A called me today while we were at a family Christmas but I didn't make it over to my phone in time.  She had sent a text asking if it was okay if she sent some pics to my phone that she wanted us to have.  I text back and told her we would love to have any that she has to share with us. 

She sent the ones she showed us Friday night here that she has taken of her belly and also some we hadn't seen of her younger sister and her and her friend.  I know that baby will love to have these when she is older.

She told me she would call me later.  I called her when we left to tell her I was on the way home and left her a voice message.  As I walked in the door, she called back. 

She told us that the doctor had called and had an opening so it is now back to MONDAY- TOMORROW!

I was so excited.  Freaking out mode.  Goose bumps.  Tears.   We talked for about a half hour and it was good.  We went over a few things she should take to the hospital like we discussed on Friday  (robe, slippers, her make up, etc.)  We talked about her family and that everyone was ready and excited for all of this.  She said her mom is going to spend the night with her on Monday night.  She asked me if they let the baby stay in the room with her because her dad was thinking they make the baby go to the nursery for a while.  I told her how they really encourage moms to keep the babies in the room.

She goes in at ten and I mentioned how that might be good so she doesn't have to get up so early but that she will be hungrier.  She was worried about that because she loves to eat!

She plans to call us during the day and update us and will call after the baby arrives for us to come and visit. 

I can't express how good this feels to have this kind of relationship.  I started crying on the phone with her and told her how excited I was that tomorrow was the day.  She said we will have our baby very soon!

I already feel a love for her and a desire to protect her.  I will pray for her to get through this and have a peace and comfort in her decision.

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