Sunday, December 9, 2012

A visits our home

We picked up A at her house in the downtown area.  We called her when we were close and she told us that her mom wanted to walk her down (they live in an apt/ condo) to our car.  Matt and I thought that was very sweet.   Her mom greeted us with hugs and a kiss.  I had text A on the way that B said he was nervous to meet her.  She replied that she was too.   We had him get out of the car and introduced him to both of the ladies.  We chatted the whole way back to our town and she told us that her doctor had forgotten to schedule her induction and the date has now changed to Tuesday vs. Monday.  I was so disappointed!  It's only one day but I was looking forward to the busy Fri night- Sunday that I had planned and then, Boom! Baby Day!  She also decided on a name and was not going to use the one we had suggested but one letter different.  We still love the first name but I am not crazy about the middle name.  Matt tells me to get over it, it is not a big deal but I was a little disappointed.

We headed straight to a Mexican place in town we love to eat.  She had told us she loves Mex and that she was fine eating it while pregnant.  Matt and I giggled that she ordered a steak.  Lots of people were looking our way and in our small town on a Friday we knew about 9 tables of people.  Only a few stopped over.  I told her that everyone knows we are doing the adoption, but we haven't told people that we were selected yet.  We introduced her as our friend A.

After dinner, we headed around town for a tour of the town then back to our house.  She loved the room.  I could tell she was really excited about it.  She had been texting her mom the whole time she was with us and I told her she could take pics on her phone if she wanted to.  She was really excited about that.  Then we took her downstairs and I showed her all of the things I had packed.  I pointed to one storage tub and said this one is clothes and that I could show her if she was interested.  She wanted to see them so we started going through them.  She also enjoyed looking at them.  I told her I know we were not going to need all of these for our hotel stay but that I always over pack.  She said she does as well and when she goes to a slumber party she always packs a lot because she doesn't know what she wants to wear either.

She had a few other comments that were so ....15 and it made us smile.  I lover her innocence but feel a little sad for what she has to go through at such a young age.  She seemed really comfortable with us and just talked up a storm.  She told us more about herself, her family, school etc.  She asked us questions about the hospital, delivery, etc.

She and her mom are working on gathering pictures for us to have of A as a baby and little girl and their extended family.  I told A how this will really be a treasure for baby as she gets bigger.  She also asked if we would like to come to their house after the baby while we are at the hotel.  She wants to show us around where they live and I told her that we would love to.  This just feel so good and like such a good match.  I can't believe this is where we are.

Around 10 PM we headed back towards her house and made a stop for some frozen yogurt.  She had never been to this place and wanted to take her cup home with her so she could walk in eating it and make her brother/ sister jealous that we took her out for it.  :)

She is so respectful and uses her manners.  She thanked us for taking her out.  She just seems like such a good girl.

I am so happy we have met her and am looking forward to becoming a part of her family as well.

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