Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still in a Daze

I still can't really believe all of this is happening and happening so fast at that!  We spent Friday night telling our family and a handful of friends that knew about our "project" we had been working on.  Saturday I cleaned around the house and emptied out two pieces of furniture from the basement I want to use in the baby room.  I called a few more friends and opened up the circle of who knows our news.  I know my grandpa has called every single one of his friends to share the news so it will be getting around soon.

Matt told a few people at work and looked at the calendar in regards to trying to get some time off in May.  It doesn't look that promising because one of the girls he works with took 3 weeks off for her wedding.  I told him we will make it work and that we can't be upset at her for having that time off.  This is a major life event to her and she has been there longer.

I told two other friends at church this morning and my ladies group this evening.  I still don't feel like we have made it officially public yet however.

Our son B asked tonight if when babies come out of a mommy's tummy (I had him babies do come out of tummies around here!) they have a diaper on.

Here is a picture of us on Friday night at Matt's aunt's house.  My face is a mess from all of the crying I had been doing all day!!!


  1. YAY!! So excited!! Glad we can support each other through this. Going to be a fun few weeks/months!

  2. So excited for you! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I take a break from blogs and look what happens!! Hold on for the ride if your life. It's so worth every moment. Ill be thinking of you, your family, baby, and birthparents.

    I'm thrilled for you!