Wednesday, April 18, 2012

J meets B

We agreed to meet on Easter at a McD playland in the afternoon.   This would give J a chance to meet our son B and for B to meet her son A.  A is two years old and we knew that they two boys could play while we visit. 
We knew this was J's first Sunday off in a long time and were happy she wanted to meet with us.  We knew how much it meant to her to be able to meet B however. 

We arrived early and the play land was packed ( and noisy).  We waited at a table outside the play area and after just a few minutes we saw J walking in.  I focused right on greeting her son A again and you he recogonized us right away from the previous two meetings.  I introduced B to her and A and then she introduced her husband to us.  I had not even looked who she brought with her!!! I just assumed it was her friend she had been bringing to the meetings.  I was glad we had the opportunity to meet him as well.  J handed B a bag that had a card and little car in it.  I thought that was so thoughtful of her.  Then she handed us a box of chocolates and two cards.  I looked at the envelope and one of them said "To the Perfect Family" from J, A, and baby.  I asked her if I could open  it later or if she wanted me to open it then.  She said I could do it later.  I knew I would cry so I was glad to wait.  I was just so touched that she would bring us anything.  We had brought a little bag of sports Easter eggs with candy for A this time.  After finishing the introductions, the boys were ready to play and J and I went to grab some drinks and ice cream for the boys.

It took absolutely forever to get the small order so I slipped back to check on how the boys were doing.  Matt and C appeared to be chatting, B was playing, and A was watching the kids play.  You could tell he was taking it all in being the little guy he is!

I made some chit chat with J as we waited.  She looked rested and more "done up" than the other meetings. I don't know if it was because she had the day off or what.  She wasn't dressed up by any means, but looked happy.  I asked some simple questions about what they like to do when she has a day off etc. 

Once we entered the play area, A was already off and playing and our B was doing such a good job with him. We watched the kids play a few minutes and B came over to eat his ice cream.  By this time, A was in full play mode and wanted nothing to do with stopping, even for ice cream.

After a while, I brought out some pictures I had brought.  I know she had seen several of them from our profile but I went through several of them showing her more of what we do, extended family, etc.  Her and C both seemed to like looking at them and they asked a few questions as we went through them.  I was really glad we had these to "break the ice" and give us something to talk about. 

After looking at the pictures I brought, C got some out of his wallet and showed them to us.  There were ones of A when he was young and J when she was 17 in a senior photo type picture.  Then they gave us one of the wallets of J and A as a baby.  I told them I didn't want to take a pic from his wallet, but they assured us that they had more of them.  Once again, I was really touched.

After about an hour, we started to try to round up the kids.  We made a plan that we would meet her on Thursday at her dr. apt.  She was going to have her 3 hour glucose screen this time so we knew to plan for a long time.

I had Matt take a pic of us two girls before we left. 

As we headed towards home, I remembered the cards she had give us.  I grabbed them out and first read B's card.  It was a happy Easter card and she wrote a nice message to him about hoping he got lots of eggs and candy.  On the first of the two cards for Matt and I , it was an Easter card as well.  She thanked us for taking time from our special day so she could meet our son. 

The next card was the one marked "To the Perfect Family". As I opened it, I shut it very quickly.  Matt had looked over and saw what I saw.  The card had a whole strip of ultrasound pics.  I couldn't believe it.  Matt and I were both in tears as I read her sweet, sweet words to us.  She told us that we were just what she was looking for, she knows she is making the right decision for the baby that is going to be ours, and to "look at the pictures, this is your baby".  Totally cried.  She is so sweet.  The cards and pictures were such a beautiful, thoughtful surprise.


  1. What a beautiful meeting!! She seems so sweet!

  2. Oh my...last time I grabbed some coffee to enjoy your post. This time I grabbed wine...I'm glad I did. This is magical, amazing, miraculous. I am so happy for you.

    This morning I spoke, for the first time ever, about our journey to parenthood through surrogacy (which started am amazing SIX years ago!!). I spoke to my MOPS group. Our surrogate spoke with me. It was pretty's almost 6 years later and I'm still learning, still seeing the miracles, etc. So as I'm reading this I'm saying, yes, yes, YES!! God is faithful and He knows what's best. I cannot wait to see this story unfold for you.

    Just amazing...<3

  3. This has me in tears! How thoughtful and considerate and sweet of her to share the ultrasound pictures with you guys. And for her husband to give you a picture from his wallet-- sounds like the beginnings of a wonderful relationship!! <3