Friday, March 30, 2012

Unbelievable and completely amazing

You are not going to believe this.  Today I was walking out of my first appointment for work and our case worker called.  I had hoped she would call back since I had left her a message last night that it was okay to show our profile next week.  I told her in the message to call if she thought of anything else to tell us or if I needed to do anything else.

She started in with saying that she needed the answer right away about showing our profile because she actually showed it to the birth mom this morning. 

Birthmom had a couple maybes but one was a big yes.  That big yes was US!   The caseworker asked me to pull over and we talked for a few minutes.  One of the things birthmom wanted was for the adoptive family to be involved as soon as possible.  Case worker told me we can set up a meeting next week, but for me to call and tell Matt the news.

I was about 35 minutes away from home.  I was a nervous wreck!  I didn't know how I was going to drive the whole way home.  I decided not to call Matt, I wanted to tell him in the person.

Luckily I had no more work appointments today. I drove straight home where Matt was outside mowing.  I threw the car in park and went running across the yard.  He saw I was crying and panicked right away.  He said- What's wrong???

I looked him in the eyes and said-  SHE PICKED US! 

Matt was very excited.  He thought it was so cool.  I was freaking out nervous!!! Am I going to remember how to parent a baby??? Can I do this again??? Can we afford it??? Now we have to have a baby everywhere with us!!!!  I wanted to throw up!

 I went back to work for a while to grab some work to bring home.  We both pretty much knew that I would not be able to get any work done this afternoon.

We picked up B from school together and couldn't wait to tell him.  I wrote a card for him to read.  It said:  You are going to be a  big brother in May!   We had him read it outloud and I was capturing it on video.

After we answered any of B's questions, he still wanted to go to gram's as planned for a slumber party with his cousins.  (what 7 year old wouldn't) 

We continued to meet with lots of our family the rest of the evening to share the news.

I still can't believe it.  not. one. bit. 

We meet with  birth mom on Tuesday.  We are supposed to bring a list of questions.  I'm not exactly sure.  I told the case worker I don't know what to say, what to do....we have never done this before!!!   Any suggestions?

Here are some prayer requests:

1.  Birth mom and baby- that she will continue to take care of baby and make healthy choices
2.  Birth mom- that she will be at peace with any decision she comes to.
3.  Our case worker R, and her days ahead with chemo.
4.  That God will provide for our needs during this time.
5.  Circumstances surrounding baby to go smoothly.

Thank you and I will be back to update!


  1. Ahhhh!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a special time for everyone!!! Definitely keep blogging about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions during this very special time! You'll be glad to have it later to share with your adopted child!

    Some questions that we had were:
    1) Labor- Are you in the room with her? In the hospital but in another room? Not there at all?

    2) Who will hold the baby first? Birth mom? Adoptive mom/dad?

    3) Time with baby following birth- Will you all be with the baby together? Just the birth mom? You guys with the baby in a separate room?

    4) Open Adoption? What are her expectations? Semi-Open? Closed? (Not sure what you guys want to do with this)

    5) Name for the baby? Does the birth mom have a name picked? Can you name the baby? Maybe you give first name and birth mom does middle name? (Bottom line-- you can change the name if the birth mom wants to pick a name that you don't like-- but it can cause hurt feelings, so I'd try to be as open and honest about it all if you can)

    6) Any kind of ceremony? Some families do a ceremony at the hospital where the birth mom places the baby into the arms of the adoptive family and they all become one family together (not too many birth moms can handle that though)

    7) Dr. Appointment? Are you invited to go with birth mom to them and see sonogram? It's the one thing I had from when my son was in his birth mom... she didn't want any sonograms and didn't want to know the gender (she detached).

    I'd just go into the meeting with an open heart. Your prayers will be answered and I'll keep you in my prayers! Adoption is so scary, but it's beautiful when two families can come together for the love of a baby.

    Congrats!!! Start getting things together mama!! We found out about our son on May 3, were told he wasn't due until June... and then he was born May 11th!!!

    1. Wow! Thanks for your suggestions- those give me some great ideas!