Friday, March 30, 2012

New case worker

In between appointments at work I checked my voice mail.  I didn't see I had missed call, so wasn't sure who the message was from.  As I listened to the message it was our new temporary case worker.  As she began to introduce herself, I assumed she was calling to let us know she would be covering R's medical leave and maybe ask us to come in so she could meet us. 

She actually started saying that she was going to show profiles next week (this must have been a new mom because we did not have one ready for profiles on our past updates.  Remember we did not have our March update however) and wanted to know if we were open to her showing ours.  Since she was new, she was not completely familiar with all of our preferences.

It took a few hours of phone tag to finally get in touch with her.  

She told me the scenario pretty much everything matched up with what we were open to.  Without sharing too much of the baby's story- the baby has had limited prenatal care.  This was something that Matt and I had different opinions on.  Birth mom had an ultrasound last week and the doctor said everything looked great and that the baby looked healthy with no concerns.  That was very reassuring.

Matt was working an overtime shift and it took me a few hours to get  a hold of him at work to go over the details.  We talked for just a few minutes and agreed to go for it!  

I called A back and left her a message that we were okay for her to show our profile. 

As we laid in bed that night, I went over the scenario again with Matt on my little note bad I wrote the details on.  We were both comfortable with it.  I am both scared and excited- but it is nice to know that our profile is going to be shown. 

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