Monday, October 24, 2011


The packet we got on our profile instructions is pretty descriptive.  I am happy with that, and feel a little more at ease with what we need to include in it.  We pretty much have set sections & questions that we must answer so each family has the same information. 

We will have 4 copies made and they will be on 8.5 x 11 paper with a spiral binding.  As I took some time this weekend to look over the internet, I am completely frazzled on just exactly HOW I am going to create this profile.  I am no longer worried about the content, but have NO IDEA how to do the "digital scrapbooking" type work for it.  I don't know what design program to use or how to put it together!  The agency did have some names we could use if we want to hire someone to do it for around $250 :(

The profile pages will include:

Cover page

Birth parent letter

As a couple

Wife's page & husband about wife

Husband's page & wife about husband

Our family (2 pages) including : What does family mean to us? What activities do we enjoy as a family? What contact do we have with our extended family? What part do pets play in our family?

Our Child- B will write his own letter here

Our home and neighborhood

Choosing adoption (3 pages) including: Why are we pursuing adoption? What will adding a child mean to our lives? What are the parenting and daycare plans for the child? Describe the perfect adoption experience. Why are we choosing an open adoption? What worries us about open adoption? How will you tell your child about his/ her adoption plan? When will you being to tell your child? If the birthparents have already named the baby, are we comfortable keeping that name? Have we already chosen a name that is important to us? Would we like to name the child jointly with the birthparents? Does our lifestyle allow us to travel to visit birthparents in Nebraska? Do we hope to have birthparents visit our home on an ongoing basis? Do we hope to visit the birthparents in their home on an ongoing basis? Will we welcome relationships with the birthparents extended families? Will we share the child's milestones and significant accomplishments over the years with the birthparents? Do we plan to include special events, recitals, ball games, birthdays, and graduations with the birth family? Do we hope for and support our child having an ongoing relationship with the birthparents over the years?


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  1. Hope your profile is coming along. Maybe a question to ask your agency is, do they give profile feedback? Ours reviewed what we wrote before we paid for the book to be made. They also say if birthmoms are giving feedback about the profile that is negative they will tell us so we could revise. (This thankfully has not happened but it put me at a little ease)