Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paperwork odds and ends

We are getting our final bits and pieces of paperwork completed and turned in.  I picked up my completed physical with my lab work done today and we finished our financial statement, monthly budget, mortgage letter & guardianship. All three of our references have said they mailed the form in and our pastor has our final copy ready for pick up.  We are still waiting on the physical form from B's dr. office because it was returned in the mail last week due to an incorrect address.

We had a little snag this morning when the agency called to say that the local criminal history check we did at the Sheriff's office was not going to work.  We needed to have it done at the local police dept. (even though the form said I could do it at either place).  We had to go today by 3 to get the new one because the lady who does the back ground checks has surgery tomorrow and will be out for quite some time.  (Small town life, only one gal can do the job!)  I'm so thankful that they caught this now because that would have really held up our process if we were not able to get the background checks. 

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