Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Profile Pressure

I've been totally stressing (I stress easily!) over the profile.  It is on my mind each day.  First, I can't wait until our training on Thursday/ Friday because we get the "format" of what we are supposed to include.  Each family is to use the same format to keep them at a level playing field, but there is ways you can make it personal and to show your family in a true light they have said.  I have been looking through several resources and guides online looking for things I like, tips, ideas etc. 

Second, I am stressing because our counselor is with us for the 4 days of group training and the 5 hours each for the homestudy inteviews.  How is this supposed to be enough time for her to get to know "who we really are"???  How are we supposed to make a small book filled with words and some pictures reflect who we are???  They keep mentioning how the birthmoms find something special in a profile that sticks out to them and that the matches almost seem "magical" but really????   I feel like we have so much to offer and I don't know how to express it all in a few pages.  What pictures do I include? What do we write? What is important for us to share, what makes us different?  We did take a few family photos this weekend while at my sisters that I am hoping we can use.

I hope that after training and we get the format and talk more about profiles specifically, I will feel more at ease.

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  1. Thanks SO much for sharing the blog with me. I read every post tonight and am so thrilled to be joining in the journey with you. :) I've learned a lot and so appreciate your honesty about it all. I can't wait for your special call!!! And I cannot wait to see who the newest member of your family is. :)