Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Final Homestudy Interview

We met with our adoption counselor last night for our final homestudy interview.  We met at her office and were told to plan on two hours.  Well, 3 hours and 15 minutes later.....  
I thought this was the hardest of the 3 sessions so far.  The questions were harder to answer and Matt commented on the way home that he didn't think we were prepared for all of them.  I didn't want to look up all sorts of info online about what questions might be asked because I did want our answers to be genuine.  Some of the questions asked were:
How did you meet?
How long did you date?
Where/ when/ how many people were at your wedding?
Where were you working when you started dating?
What are the joys of parenting?
What is the hardest?
What is your philosophy on parenting?
How do you discipline?
How do you handle conflict in your marriage?
How often do you have date night?
How often do you do things with your friends as a couple?
What church do you attend?
How often do you attend?
What are the goals for your marriage?
How do you think adoption is going to change your life, your marriage?
How do we feel about the openness, how does our family and friends feel?
What is our neighborhood like?
Our community?
What have we done to prepare for adoption?
What do we plan to do after the adoption to continue to grow with adoption issues?
and much much much more!!! 

I hated all of the questions!!! I hate the interview, the prying, the questions.  I wanted to scream a few times as we were sitting in the interview room how I hate all of this "application" process!!!

Matt and I went to dinner after and he thought things went good.  I am sure all of our answers were fine, I just felt exhausted after it. 

She encouraged us to get the profile in by Christmas and I told her I had the beginning of December as my goal.  We are paid up to date so as soon as our profile is in, we will be active in the pool.  This is what I have heard is the hardest part because you do nothing.  You wait. And wait.  There is no paperwork, just waiting.

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