Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Secret Project

We have kept our adoption plans pretty secret as I have mentioned before.  All of our family knows, but only a handful of friends.  My reasoning for this is that after all of the years we have spent wanting another child, we are closer than we have ever been (but yet....still so far away possibly!)  I just don't have the emotional strength to have everyone ask us all the time if we have heard anything. I know that everyone would only be asking out of care, but it is hard to have to say no, no, no so many times.  The waiting time will be very difficult but I know that the wait will be worth it in the end.  Our baby will be a perfect match for us.

At first the only friends who knew besides our family were the ones we asked to write our reference letters.  Then Matt told a few more of his friends (he CAN NOT keep a secret!) and I have recently told a few more of my friends. 

Everyone appears to be very happy and excited for us. We definitely have some areas where I can see that our friends and family as well will be able to learn from our experience about what open adoption means and looks like, as well as what typical birth moms look like.  This is something we talked about in last nights home study interview and we are both looking forward to sharing our story and letting others see what open adoption looks like first hand.

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