Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Books in Black and White

For my job, I do home visits with prenatal moms with children up to age 3.  Part of each visit is a literature connection and we always read 1-2 books.  As I was reading the other day to one of my bi-racial children in a home, I noticed how all of the books I have in my office are one race families.  The particular book I was reading was called Kisses for Mommy.  It had all sorts of mommies giving kisses to their babies.  But, it was white mommies kissing white babies and one black mommy kissing one black baby.  I thought to myself that my awareness of transracial issues is on my mind because it was bothering me that there was no black mommies kissing white babies or white mommies kissing asian babies etc. 

I thought that was a good sign that I am more aware of these issues now after our training we have had at the agency the last month.

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