Saturday, February 4, 2012

Green Light for Printing

On February 2nd we got an email from our counselor that everything was a "go" to print the profile!  I was so excited.  Once we have our profile and questionnaire in the agency's hands, we are "officially waiting".  This was such a big deal to me.  I know that once we are officially waiting, there is nothing to do but wait- I just wanted to get there so bad!!!

When I got the email, I called Matt (and woke him up since he works nights) and asked him if he wanted to go pick up B early from school and go get them printed straight away (of course this is what I wanted to do).  B was supposed to wrestle that night in a dual, so we decided that we didn't need to go right that minute.  We could go the next night when we have more time and would still be just fine.  (Big sigh from impatient Amber)

Even though everyone around was in a state of panic due to the large snow storm that was supposed to be coming in, we were able to make it to get everything done before the weather started.

We left after B got out of school and headed to the agency to pick up the zip drive.  Next up was a trip to Kinkos to print.  I had already called ahead to ask about options and price so I thought I knew what we were doing.  The Kinkos people were so helpful with walking me through the options and reviewing the order.  When it came down to the paper, they printed me four samples (that really all looked the same)  Matt of course said they all looked the same and that any of them were fine.  (thankyousomuchhelpfulhusband)  I picked one that was second best of the four and the order was sent to print.

We went for a little dinner across the street and took our time, arriving back about 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.  As I walked in the gal was just putting our books in a sack.

We needed four copies with black back, clear cover, and spiral binding.

I ordered one copy for us to keep and to share with family and friends who know about our plans.  One copy will go with each of the three counselors to their office and the last copy will stay at the main office.



  1. Yay!! I'm so happy for you guys. I wondered if that's why you were at Kinko's the other night when you posted that on FB. Can't wait to see the profile. Looks great from the photo! Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that you will SOON get a call.

  2. I'm really glad to hear the update! Really, really hoping for you. :)

  3. When we finally got to the waiting family part I felt relieved. Up until that point, all the control about how long we'd be waiting for a baby seemed to be mine. I controlled how long it took for the paperwork, when we could do the home studies, and when we did our classes/training. When we finished our profile book and met with our agency's director, all the control left.

    While it was great to hand it all over to God, it was still really agonizing to not know. I'm a planner by nature, and adoption is something that you can only do so much in the way of planning.

    Congrats to getting to this part of the process!! Hopefully it'll go without any problems and you'll have a little one to add to the family soon enough!!!


  4. Good luck with the adoption! I'm jealous you're as far as you are in the process. :)

  5. I'm so happy for you guys!! I saw this post last month in the hospital and it helped me remember where we started. I hope the process is quick and your baby is in your arms soon. I'd love another update! :) Prayers and hugs!