Saturday, February 4, 2012

Profile Stress

Our profile has been printed! This was such a relief to me to finally be able to do this.  The last few months were so stressful for me as I waited and waited.  We had a very dear friend who does amazing work design our profile.  Our friend has a family and a full time job that requires her to travel frequently. It was hard for me not to be in control during this situation.  My original goal was to have our profile done by the end of December and then it was the end of January.  We ended it up with it done the beginning of February.  Not too bad.  There were days that it was killing me that I couldn't speed things up.  We first sent the text only in to the agency and had to wait for the 4 counselors to review/ edit it.  Then when our friend had the first draft done with the layout, we had to wait again for all 4 to review it.  Once they sent us the edits, I had to wait again for our friend to make these changes.  Oh how I wished I was able to get in there and do it myself.  Our feedback was good that they gave us on the profile.  We didn't ever have to change any photos etc.  The main things were to add captions to the photos and a few grammatical errors.  Another one of the major issues we had when trying to send in the completed layouts for review was that each page had to be emailed by itself due to being such large file sizes.  Then, it took about 3 days each time of trying because we kept getting "delivery system failure".  Finally, we ended up having to drive the files on the zip drive to the office and personally deliver it due to the email problem!  Frustrating!!

I appreciate my friend creating such a beautiful project for us more than I will be able to express to her.  I started crying when I tried to tell her thank you when I picked up the zip drive from her house.  It just means so much that she would do something so important for us in the middle of her own busy life.  Thank you CDPlam! 

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