Monday, September 12, 2011


My husband has never been very good about keeping surprises.  It is one of the things I love about him most.  He gets so excited and just can't wait.  I didn't really want to tell anyone what we were doing but he slipped and told 3 of his family members.  So the weekend we found out we had been accepted, we told the remainder of our family.  Him and I have both confided in one or two friends but we are still trying to keep it under wraps.  My main reason for not wanting to tell everyone is that I don't want to be asked every day by someone if we have any baby news, heard anything yet, etc.  We have no idea how long this process will take.  It could be 6 months, could be 2 years.  I just need to continue to pray that the baby for us will be created when the time is right. 

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