Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buried Alive in Paperwork

We have been busy bees lately trying to bust through the paperwork required.  We have completed tons of forms, been fingerprinted, sent out of reference request letters, waited for the local Sheriffs office to figure out what to notarize on our local criminal records check, waited forever at the doctors office to find out what the fee would be for all of the lab work required for the "general" physical that is not covered by insurance, talked to the loan officer regarding a loan for fees, talked to a realitor regarding a new assessment of our house, had physicals and lab work done, collected forms from the vet's office, insurance office, called the mortgage company, the accountant, and student and car loan companies.

Happy to say, most of our paperwork was dropped off yesterday at the office.  We are waiting on just a few final forms to come back or to be completed. 

Training is on Thursday from 10-8 and Friday from 9-4.  Please pray for Hubby since he has to work Wed, Thus, and Friday nights.   He does have this Sat/ Sun off to rest back up but I know it will be a long couple of days.

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