Monday, August 15, 2011

Appointment call

I was just saying to husband this past weekend that we haven't heard anything from the agency yet regarding calls for interviews.  His response was something like, "well, that's nice".  I told him it was okay though because they said they wouldn't even start looking at them until the end of August.

This afternoon I saw I had a voice mail on my phone and finally got around to checking it.  I don't know when I missed a call, but that happens frequently.  It was the agency calling to set up an interview time!

One of the biggest stresses with our situation is that husband is in a new job and his time off is not that flexible right now.  He went from being a teacher to a police officer and is currently in the Field Training Officer program (FTO).  What this means is that all of his days are scheduled to line up with his training officer and he can't do a lot of requesting time off since he is so new (even though this is SO important!).  My job is pretty flexible so at least that part is less to worry about.

Husband has his schedule until the end of the year so when the receptionist called to set up interview dates, I was praying we could make it work.  She gave me two choices (a Monday and a Tuesday) and the Tuesday date husband has off.  (YES!!!)  We set the appointment for 4:30- 6 PM.  This lady on the phone was so nice, friendly, and helpful!  It took me a minute to figure out what appointment time I wanted (early or late) because that happened to be one of two days of the month that it is a little bit harder for me to flex my schedule. 

I also asked if they had the dates set for the training days yet in Sept./ Oct.  One of the requirements with this agency is that you must attend 4 days of all-day training.  Once again, another stress with hoping it would be able to work out schedule wise.  After you interview, you only have to attend the training days if you are selected to be in the program.  If they do not choose you at this time, you can stay in the pool and re-interview in 6 months when they accept new families again.

If you make it through the interview and are invited to join the program however, you are in! The only thing you have to do is be selected by a birthmom.  (well, a thousand other things like the training, documents, home study, etc.  but you know what I mean!)

Getting on with this story, the training dates for September- Husband works nights both of the days but has the previous two days before them off.  If he can't make it work to switch shifts (and his FTO switch as well) he can at least make it work by staying up for days in a row on almost no sleep.  He has those two days off before and 2 days off after, so he has the time to catch up on sleep.  It will just be 2 stinky work shifts with no sleep.  Not the best for a police officer or someone trying to listen in to training.  I guess that is what they invented energy drinks for!

The October dates are awesome!  Already has those two dates off.  Thank you, God!  I feel like this is working out so well.

We both switched jobs this year into something different than where we were before and things are really looking good for us after a stressful past few years.  I made the comment to a couple close friends but thought it to myself many times that life is going so well, the only thing that could top it off would be a sweet little baby for our family.  How I hope this comes true.

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