Sunday, July 10, 2011

Informational Meeting

After talking with the adoption counselor on the phone on July 5, I decided to schedule us an appointment to go in for an information meeting.  This is the only way to get an application and they were able to get us in while Matt was home for a full week.  We dropped off B at grandma's and headed out under the pretense of going to dinner together.  The adoption counselor (R, from here on out) usually holds the info meetings during the day, but does set up special appointments to fit in families.  Our meeting was with one other couple.

Matt and I arrived at the office first and after talking with R on the phone about how the acceptance process worked, I was eager to scope out our "competition".  Even though the meeting was only informational, I still felt like it was a "try out".  I wanted the agency to think we were a great match!  I believe it when they tell us that the right babies seemed to get matched up with the right parents, but I just want to get in for one of the spots so I feel like we have a chance.  That is where the competition feeling comes from.  I feel like we are trying to make some elite sports or dance team.

The other mom arrived a few minutes after us and said her husband would be on his way.  We went ahead and got started and he arrived about 10 minutes later.)score one for us!)  Matt and I later laughed because I said wasn't she "Ms. Prepared"- she got out her notebook, file folders, and a few documents she had printed off the computer. (score one for them) Matt was laughing at me because I didn't even bring a pen.  I did have a pen, thankyouverymuch- in my purse.

The meeting wasn't much different from the informational meeting we went through at the first adoption agency.  The only big difference is the way they accept families into their program.  This is the only thing I hate, but this is the only affordable adoption choice for us.  Again with the competition- I want one of those spots!!!

The other couple asked some good questions and we asked a few as well.  They stayed longer than us because they wanted to discuss the international portion and Renee told us we could leave if we wanted since we are only pursuing domestic.  We wished the other couple good luck ( and sincerely meant it).  From some of their questions they asked I am pretty sure they don't have any children yet and I do hope that everyone who has the desire to be a parent gets this opportunity like we have had with our son.

R handed us a packet as we left that included some info on open adoptions and other resources, as well as the application.  When we got to the car Matt told me that he felt good about the place and thought R did a good job with the info.  We decided we would go forward with the application.

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